Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturday, Nov 12th, Coastanoa, South San Mateo County, California


In one of the better decisions we have unmade lately, we did not go to the Montecito Lodge at King Canyon today. Told we couldn't get there with the Airstream, and planning on buying and being prepared to attach chains to the Touareg for the 9-mile trip up the one-lane, once-a-day, snow-plowed road up to the Lodge (after leaving the Airstream at a RV Resort a few miles down the mountain), we decided to pass on the experience.

Instead, we drove up to Gilroy, and headed to the coast for lunch at the Davenport Roadhouse. They really have remodeled it well, and the food wasn't bad either. Twelve miles up the road is Coastanoa Lodge and Camp, used by Coastwalk for several years as part of their many coastal hiking adventures. In addition to a great set of lodge facilities, the 40-acre property (surrounded by 30,000 acres of parks) consists of twelve fir cabins, 87 tent bungalows, and spaces for dozens of RVs and tents. We're perched within view of the Pacific, and are currently sipping wine and reading in the warm setting sun.

We'll drive into Pescadero and the coast north of here tomorrow, and enjoy the last nights on the road. Monday, we'll drive home to Santa Rosa.

Here are the remaining photos from today:Costanoa Lodge and Camp and Sunset.

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