Sunday, February 19, 2012

Saturday, Feb 18th, Samburu Sopa Lodge


After breakfast at the hotel in Nairobi, we boarded three small vans and drove north across the equator to the Samburu Game Preserve.

For lunch, we stopped at a trout tree restaurant, and were treated to the arrival of Calabas and Sykes monkeys, and a tree hyrax. We suspected this won’t be the last time the animals come to visit us.

The Samburu are a peaceful tribe, who live in low huts, carefully crafted with interwoven sticks, and plastered with mud and cattle dung. Unlike their Massai relatives, they are not war-like, and are nomad pastoralists.

Once in the Preserve, we spotted baboons, squirrels, elephants, dikdik, antelope, gazelle, impala, eagles, and ostrich. Time kept us from pursuing more, and we pushed the four-wheel drive, all-weather, and all-terrain safari vehicle into the heart of the Preserve. We checked into the Lodge, met for dinner and an orientation to tomorrow’s wildlife searches, and retired to our rooms. Under a mosquito net drapped around our bed, I’m typing this as Pat drifts off the sleep. I heard her say this evening at dinner that this was the most exciting wildlife day ever, and e look forward to many more.

For a look at all of the photos we took today, click on: Sat, Feb 18th


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