Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday, Feb 28th, Serengeti Birthday


My birthday celebration started off early with the successful posting of the last few days texts, and a few photographs, just after midnight last night. I came to bed one of the last to leave the bar at the hotel, and tried to get some sleep before our long day on the Serengeti plain began.

One of the first scenes we encountered later in the morning was a lion and his lioness in full mating enthusiasm about twenty yards from the road. It's harder than you think for lionesses to conceive, and his royal kingliness must perform his part every 20 minutes in order for it to be successful. It shouldn't have been a surprise, as a result, for us to run into the same couple in almost the same place - eight hours later. We watched yet another amazing display leading to both of them laid out on their backs in utter exhaustion/bliss? until we had to leave in time to get out of the park. It was a great birthday present to see a that the ultimate male identity was still needed in nature's world.

In the interim, we added lots more bird species to our list. Several types of hyrax were also seen (they are large hamster-like creatures, related to elephants and dugong), as well as leopard tortoise, crocodile, reed buck, and dwarf mongoose.

Tomorrow, we head into the Oldavai gorge to visit the site of the Leakey's anthrolopithicus discovery and his museum. We're also staying in the Ngonorongoro Crater for two days, before driving to Arusha and on to Zanzibar.

My hearing has gotten worse, and I'm waiting for others to get tired of looking at the right side of my face while my right eye peers back at their lips. Everyone on the tour is accommodating, and I'm still hoping the salt water in Zanzibar will reverse it.

My birthday ended this evening with a large celebration, including music by the Serengeti Sopa choir, to the delivery of my birthday cake at dinner. We got the CD, and will share with those who want to enjoy it.

To see the photos taken today, click on: Tuesday, Feb 28th, Serengeti Birthday

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