Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wednesday, Feb 8th,


We flew south out of Cairo, up the Nile to Aswan. The plane was an older model 737, with four seats across, feeling very much like something out of "Indiana Jones".

We'll be here for two days, visiting ruins and a local village where we'll have dinner with the family of our local guide. Our hotel has a pretty good wifi, so I'll be able to upload the photographs. I can't be sure about communications in about three days, as we'll be boarding a medium size cruise ship for a journey to the far south.

We'll be sailing on a falluga this afternoon, and it'll be a time for the group to spend some quiet time together. The Nile is the best place to drift on the wind, and I'm hoping to get some good photos of each member of the group. I won't be able to put them all in the post, so please take your time checking out what I come up with.

Our sail ends at the village of our host. We'll climb up to the village in the hills, and spend some time in their market. Then, we're invited to have dinner with his family. It should be a real treat, and we're all looking forward to it.

Tomorrow, we'll have a very long day. Our bus caravan leaves early for Abu Simple, the huge ruins built by Ramses II, which was rescued from destruction in the 1960's when Eqypt's Aswan Dam was built. After exploring the site, we'll come back and prepare for an evening which includes dinner at the Aswan Moon, and a trip to an island in the Nile to explore Philae. That site was resurrected from Lake Nasser after the dam was built.

To view the entire photo collection from today, visit:Aswan

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