Monday, February 27, 2012

Sunday, Feb 26th, Manyara National Reserve


For a park that’s famous for herds of elephants and lions in trees, it didn’t live up to its reputation today. We saw lots of flamingos here at Lake Manyara Reserve, and monkeys and other birds a plenty. And elephant poop that you could trip over. But zilch on the sightings of two of the big five. While we’ve seen them before, it is exciting to be able to share those sightings with our two new travelmates.

We crossed the border from Kenya into Tanzania today. Paperwork for leaving Kenya = one form and show passport. Entering Tanzania = one form filled out at the hotel was the wrong form, a similar form but issued at the immigration checkpoint, fingerprints, visa ($100 for Amricans, $50 for Canadians), and proof of Yellow Fever innoculation (not really looked at).

The Chinese must have gotten a head start in Tanzania in their quest for Africa’s oil and other precious minerals – the roads are much better. With some extra delay at the border and a flat tire, we still got into the Lodge late for lunch. Some more good food, and off to another wildlife hunt. See above for results.

Late dinner will be followed (hopefully) by a successful wifi connection (reception isn’t sure), and snuggling with my lady under a mosquito net til we fall asleep. I’ve been trying to regain my hearing for the past day, to no avail. I'm going to try to ignore it until we get to Zanzibar and the beach. Salt water has always been my best medicine, and I think a little bodysurfing and shorebreak wave pressure might just do the trick.

Having some trouble getting photos up today, but to see all the photos I did get up (if any), click on: Sunday, Feb 26th, Manyara Reserve


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