Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday, Feb 19th, Samburu Sopa Lodge


“Do you have a special name for these herds of elephants, like we call killer whales ‘pods’?”, my friend Ian asked our guide Joseph. “Herds” he replied, to our delight. That didn’t stop our group from assigning a number to each group, “1,2,3…”, as we encountered them. They are so quiet, and walk so powerfully.

Today’s morning safari before breakfast was mostly a reprise of last night, except for the giraffes, more birds, and a couple of new monkeys. When we get more time, we’ll label each photo in the album so you can learn as we do.

We came back reluctantly from the morning safari to a great breakfast, and are now hanging out by the pool. Pat is devouring a bird book she bought, and I’m typing this post. There will be another safari at 3:30pm.

The 3:30pm safari was even better then this morning. We saw as many animals, a few new ones, and a leopard!!

I'm sitting in the bar at 9:30pm, and trying to nurse a really bad wifi connection to upload 250 of the best wildlife photos I've taken - to this weekend's posts. Since these are really the first I've taken, I can have the liberty of saying they're my best. Like to know if you agree. But there's a good chance they won't go up until next week. Don't worry, they're worth the wait.

Here they are: Sunday, Feb 19th, Samburu Sopa Lodge


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