Friday, October 16, 2015

Friday, Oct 16th, Metung


We are eating more breakfasts than usual. Getting up each morning at 7am, with an ambition to take to the road for a couple hundred miles, our stomachs demand some attention.  A typical includes a long tall coffee, eggs, bacon, and toast for Pat; orange juice, hot chocolate, and ham and cheese crossaint for me.  Exploring all day until 4-5pm, we're also not having dinners as large as usual, either.

The town of Mahun anchors the eastern end of Gippsland Lakes, just behind ninety-mile beach.  To explore it well, we needed a boat.  Seals and dolphin greeted us at the start, and our journey throughout its inlets, waterways, and lakeside communities revealed terns, gulls, cormorants, pelicans, egrets, and eagles.

And a hot, muggy morning turned into a very comfortable afternoon.

Here is a link to the few photo we took.
Friday, Oct 16th, Metun

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