Saturday, October 24, 2015

Saturday, Oct 24th, Ulladulla


A town with a mangrove marine reserve, geology walk, fossil cliffs, several surf schools, and a golf course along the beach - must have been a lot of fun.  It was, except that it rained more than anytime on our trip.  We did love the Mangrove reserve, complete with oysters on the tree trunks.  We caught up on some television, went to a movie (Burnt - we recommend it),  and took a nice ride up the coast and back.

We did get to see the fossils and the rocks, both on the beach last night, and this morning on geology walk.  My suggestion is that the town redo its brochures to include a map, and make sure the Information Center staff all know where it is. We also stumbled upon an additional walk around a nearby point containing hand-carved wooden tributes to aboriginal and environmentally-sensitive living.

Finally, we stopped by Fitzroy Falls on the way to the Blue Mountains.   What a gorgeous waterfall.  One of the top 15 we have ever seen, especially if you include the valley it falls into.  Wow!

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