Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sunday, Oct 11th, Richmond, Tasmania


Richmond Bridge has the oldest stone bridge in Australia.  Built by convict labor in 1625, it's no accident that the town has the oldest jail (1825) and church (1836).  The Bridge was necessary to establish the colony from 1834 to 1853 at Port Arthur, where the main convict processing operations took place (where we began this visit to Tasmania).

Tasmania has been everything we expected and more.  It ranks up there with places we agree we could live, although I'd really need to experience the other seasons.  We've had higher than normal temperatures, and less rain.  The radio talk show commentaries have been excellent, keeping us up with government leadership changes and controversial issues.  And the locals seem to have a good handle on the work/life balance, though it took some adjustment slowing down in the late afternoons when businesses closed. Thank goodness for the improving wifi.

Tomorrow, we fly back to Melbourne, and have 19 days to get to Sydney.  Other than seeing more of the coast, parks, and people, we're keeping the schedule and route flexible.  Our hosts for tonight, Simone and Mathew Carter, of Richmond Barracks, have suggested some of their favorite stopping points, and we look forward to checking each out.

Here is a link to the few photos we took today.
Sunday, Oct 11th, Richmond

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