Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sunday, Oct 18th, Eden


We're staying in a lot of one-night places along this road trip, and we hate leaving something behind in the hotel room.  We have a variety of electronic devices, with their attendant power and connector cables, batteries, and carrying cases.  We also have books, keys, wallets, glasses, and water bottles. So we're finding that it pays to be a little obsessive compulsive in our approach to packing.  Every item goes in the same case, and in the same part of our luggage.  Each of our carry-ons has many pockets, and the same things go in each pocket every day.  Our bathroom ditty bags contain the same items, each in the exact place as when we began the trip.  It seems to be working, as we've only lost one little adapter so far.

The southern coast of Australia continues to charm and amaze us.  Today, we turned down onto a road to see a small wharf.  As we pulled into the tight little parking lot at the bottom of the hill, Pat spied whales a few hundred feet from the dock.  For thirty minutes, three humpback whales checked us out before heading back out of the harbor.  Yesterday, we came across a right whale playing in the shallows just off a rocky point we were hiking.

The Surf Rescue Clubs at several of the coastal towns invited their residents to come out to the beaches to refresh their beach and surf skills, and to see some demonstrations of the team in rescue operations.   I felt like I was six years old again, and was beginning to be taken under the wings of my hometown lifeguards.

We'll be driving inland to Australia's capital city, Canbarra, tomorrow to stay in the dorms at the Australia National University for two days.

Here is a link to the photos we took today.
Sunday, Oct 18th, Eden


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