Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Wednesday, Oct 28th, Sydney


The Sydney Opera House is more than an opera house.  It’s a studio that seats 300, and in which we saw a musical titled “Velvet” last night. Think Studio 54 disco party meets Cirque du Soleil, with some Las Vegas showgirls and the world hula-hoop champ in lights.  It’s a theater circle stage that seats 400, and 4500 rooms underneath it all to support all of them.  

To top it off, the large shells with a million panels that you associate with it aren’t even attached to the venues below, nor are the shells connected to each other.   And all the main electrical wiring, water, sewage, and ventilation systems are above the venue and below the shells. And you thought it was just a weird design.

Since we parked our car in the hotel garage yesterday, we’ve taken two trains, two ferries, and nine buses.  We always figure out the transit system by just about the time we leave, and Sydney will take every minute.  They integrate each part well, and the payment process works easily, they just need to improve the mapping and signage. 

Desperately needing my surf-watching fix, we took the ferry to Manley today.  Manley beaches are world famous to surfers, and currently host some of the best surf schools.  We watched teams of instructors take about a hundred students through running, swimming, and paddling drills before any could get their surfing feet wet.  Just off and on the Boardwalk were also rollerblade and skateboard schools, and volleyball trainings.

There’s a film/benefit on aboriginal stockmen at the university we’re going to tomorrow night, but we’re not sure what is happening during the day.  It’s our last full day before we leave, and that’s usually a good time to just relax.  I doubt if there will be any more photos, so I hope you’ve all enjoyed the trip as much as we have.  We’re glad the stock market seems to have rebounded from when we left.  Looks like we get to keep traveling.

Here is a link to the photos from yesterday and today.

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