Thursday, October 15, 2015

Thursday, Oct 15th, Waratah Bay


Australian museums rock.  The country’s history is chock full of fascinating events, colorful people, and writers and photographers who captured it.  But it takes really creative curators, dedicated staff, and generous donors to come up with the museum exhibit designs we’ve seen on this trip.  Throughout Australia, localities have protected important early communities and facilities, preserved the records which tell the stories, and organized volunteers to run the operations.  The larger, more traditional museums in the main cities coordinate by publishing brochures featuring these resources in thematic collections, making it easier for visitors to know the geographic and topical inventory available.  There seems to not be much of a museum caste system in either governmental or private resources.

We’re heading southeast of Melbourne toward the coast again.  Tonight, we had dinner in K&O’s Bar and Grill in Fish Creek, after spending some time in Alison Lestor’s home gallery.  Alison is one of Australia’s most popular children’s book author, and Pat bought one of her books about MAcQuarie Island (between Australia, New Zealand, and Antarctica).   Having spent time recently in Antarctica, the drawings, text, and issues in the book were familiar.  As Alison’s also a local surfer, and member of the aptly named Swell Mamas, seeing her surfboard hanging up in the gallery didn’t hurt her popularity with me either.

We also checked out the Prom, a peninsula south of here with granite rocks on coastal mountains overlooking beautiful beaches.  There should be more of that on our drive to Metung tomorrow.

Here is a link to the few photos taken today.
Thursday, Oct 15th, Waratah Bay

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