Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April 12th, South Kona, Hawaii


Dianne and I share phobias concerning wasps stemming from childhood encounters, but she is also sensitive to spiders.  I have to admit not looking forward to walking into huge webs (did you see "The Fly"?).    So it as to our great amazement (and some trepidation) that the trees alongside our house contained many versions of a very beautiful spider, which I'm including here.  It's been fun watching their yellow colors seem to get brighter each day, and the large "X"s on their web expand.  They are called "Saint Andrew's Cross".

Our drive yesterday took us to up the coast to have lunch at a huge resort (Mauna Lani), and to many small town antique, book,  and craft stores.  We also went whale watching, and were treated to a breach of the kind that photographers dream of.  However, seeing it as we sped between lava mounds along the road made it impossible to capture.  By the time we got to a turnout, it had gone deep.  We did hike and drive into several great viewing points, and the coast was gorgeous.

Today is a snorkeling day, after breakfast and lazing around for half the day.  But hey, that's Hawaii.

And ... it's Tuesday.  The snorkeling and dinner at Bubba Gumps were both great.  Here's some photos.

To see the photos taken yesterday and today, click on: April12th, South Kona, Hawaii



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