Thursday, April 14, 2011

April 13th, South Kona, Hawaii


Another day (and one of the last) in Paradise.  Today was the big drive around to Hilo and back.  Our targets were three waterfalls, a garden, and lunch on the eastern shore of Hawaii.  We had included the Mauna Kea Observatory, but had to scrap it due to a gas shortage (ours in the tank, and there being no stations in the middle of the island).

As it turned out, we were on the road for ten hours, and we enjoyed it thoroughly.  The Hilo are is full of green, lush, tropical areas just ripe for hiking and photographing.  The best snorkeling and swimming seems to be the Kona side, but the Hilo side also has its advantages.

Ken and Di are flying to Maui tomorrow, and we'll be staying one more day here and then flying home on Friday.  We've really enjoyed (again) our travels with them, and are planning our trip together to Africa next year.

Thanks again to our other partners, Art Kane and Anne Kain for our wonderful first week in Hawaii.  We look forward to more travels with them too.

To see the many photos we took today, click on: April 13th, South Kona, Hawaii


ps. And for those who reviewed yesterday's post early in the day, check it out again.  I added many more photos later in the day.  

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