Thursday, April 7, 2011

April 6th, Poipu Sheraton Hyatt, Kauai


We left Moloaa Bay, visited the Kauai Hindu Monastery, got Julie to the Lihue Airport on time, and then checked into the Poipu Sheraton Hyatt.  A more star then we need accommodation, the Hyatt's big screen in every room (and bathroom?) and gigantic, inter-connected pool complex will be home for the next day or two.  We had dinner at Joselyn's tonight (great chef who used to be at the now-defunct Pacific Cafe), and the tapas-based menu did not disappoint.

To see the rest of the photos taken today, click on: April 6th, Poipu Sheraton Hyatt, Kauai


ps. to Thomas and anyone else who wants to use the photos from this blog with attribution, go right ahead.  We're glad you're enjoying them, and hopefully it will help stimulate your adventurous spirit.

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