Friday, April 1, 2011

April 1st, Molooa Shangrila, Molooa Bay, Kauai


We flew to Hawaii today, and will be staying here for the next five days.  Then, we'll drive down to the Poipu Hilton for a couple of days, before flying off to a week near Capt Cook, on the Big Island.  This week, Art and Anne Kain, and their daughter Julie McClure will be with us.  Next week, Pat's brother Ken and his wife Dianne will be with us.

I plan on spending some quality time in the water, and Pat and I both will be trying to get rid of the colds we've had since we returned from Asia a couple of weeks ago.

In a few minutes, we're walking down to the beach nearby, to check out the place, and prepare for a latenight sojourn with flashlights to see the turtles nesting.

To view all the photos I tok today, click on: April1st, Molooa Shangrila, Molooa Bay, Kauai


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