Saturday, April 30, 2011

Friday, April 29th, Santa Cruz & Carmel


My Aunt Kitty and I drove to Santa Cruz and Carmel today, on our first leg of our journey together to San Diego.   The Boardwalk at Santa Cruz was beautiful, and Kitty kept remarking on how it was so clean.  Evidently, Lowell and the Boston area gets dirty often, what with all that winter snow and rain, and few city dollars to repair things.

It must have been an unofficial day off from school, because there were lots of school kids enjoying themselves.  I got to play with the new camera lens we bought for our trip next January to Africa.  It has very good focusing on telephoto, quick action shots.  I experimented with shots with lots of movement, and I'm pleased with the results.  I think we can capture on film those scenes of animals fleeing our jeeps.

Tonight, we had dinner at a restaurant in Carmel (Merlot).  Kitty had rabbit, and I had pork loin.   Hers was excellent, mine had too much fat.  We treated ourselves to ice cream cones after, and had a great walk along the beach at sunset.

Tomorrow, we're headed down the Pacific Coast Highway through Big Sur to Pismo Beach.  I've got a reservation at Pismo Sand RV for tomorrow night, and then we'll shoot for Austin (Kitty's son) in LA for Sunday afternoon late.  We'll be parking on the street that night, and heading to San Diego's Mission Bay on Monday.

We're having a lot of fun together.  When my mom left home with me (after Brown Military Academy, where according to Kitty, I was the cutest cadet in first grade), she (Kitty), we sort of lost touch with each other.  Kitty went to school in La Jolla, and I bounced around and ended up in Point Loma.  She knows our old neighborhood much more than I do, and it will be fun to go back with her this week and re-visit it.

For a look at the photos taken today, click on: Friday,April 29th, Santa Cruz




Gregory Fearon said...

Looks like fun! Hope your trip down/through Big Sur is spectacular! I miss you guys!

Gregory Fearon said...

The above was from Pat!