Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April 5th, Moloaa Shangri-La, Kauai


I finally read the Check-out instructions for this place and realized I was spelling the name incorrectly. After breakfast today, we called all over trying to find a place to snorkel on the North Shore. Finally, we found a number for the Lihue Fire Department (on the east coast of Kauai), and they gave us the number of the Kauai Fire Department Ocean Protection Unit Supervisor. He's the guy whose unit makes the decisions to close beaches, and whose staff we ran into at Ke'e Beach two days ago. In the meantime, a major storm out in the Pacific has kicked up the wave heights to 10-15 feet on our coast. Nothing is open, and they advised us to head to Poipu on the south shore if we wanted to snorkel.

So we left at noon for Poipu State Beach, and were not disappointed. Julie and Anne's wish lists to see lots of colorful fish were satisfied, Pat enjoyed another couple of hours relaxing on the beach reading, and I got to boogie board and snorkel on a beach that we'll probably spend even more time at on Thursday and Friday when we stay at the Poipu Hilton.

Soon afterward, we drove up Waimea Canyon looking for great views on an overcast, rainy day. A rainbow at one overlook, and a brief break in the clouds and mist gave us at least enough not to be too disappointed.

Tonight, we do laundry and try to eat everything we bought. Tomorrow, we check out and take Julie to the airport for her flight home. The rest of us head for Poipu for to days, and then Pat and I fly to the Big Island on Friday afternoon.

To see the photos taken today (great rainbow shots), click on: April5th, Shangri-La, Moloaa, Kauai


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