Monday, October 17, 2011

Saturday, Oct 15th, PLHS Reunion

Mike Russell, Keith Darracq, Alex McDougall, and Blaine Roberts.


The PLHS 45th Anniversary Reunion was held tonight at Nick's at the Pier, and those in attendance had a great time.  My reluctance to take flash photos in the evening light probably doomed a large photo video, but I have some hopes that the several other attendees with cameras caught enough to make an enjoyable collage of our classmates.  I'll post them as I get them to a Picasa album, and send you al a link to it.

Imagine ninety faces whose eyes and smiles haven't changed much in 45 years, now beaming back from bodies which have, but are still holding up.  Small clusters of 4-6 spread all over an upstairs bar sitting our standing with drinks and hors d'oeuvres (a little slow in arriving - sorry), and re-visiting old stories and new rumors.  Will Point Loma really close?  Fortunately, english lit teacher and baseball coach Kermeen (Punkie) Fristrom and his wife were there to straighten us out again.  Though some reorganization may occur in the junior high schools in the area, PLHS will stay the same design and open.

In the end, the comments all seem to include the agreement at some point in the evening that we had a pretty good education.  Sadly, most also agreed that schools in recent years would not be given the same grades.  Many thanks were given to the Reunion organizers for an excellent evening, and all seemed to be encouraging a more robust effort for the 50th.  At least three classmates volunteered to join the Reunion Committee.


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