Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday, Oct 23rd, Mountain View, Arkansas


We walked back over to the Folk Center this morning, and stayed for the day. On the grounds of the Ozark Folk State Park, there are craftshops where dozens of skills are demonstrated from time past and present. We've all been to wood-working shops, but how many of you have met one of the worlds most prolific wooden topmaker? Or had a broom made for you? Or watched a jeweler make a necklace? We did all of those and more today, and listened to music at every turn.

I'm realizing that Arkansas has more going for it than I thought. The natural environment seems great, the people are warm and enjoyable, and the bounty of churches and trucks with NRA stickers isn't that bothersome. We had chicken and dumplings, okra, bacon and beans, and turnip greens for lunch today. We are enjoying ourselves, and haven't run out of things to do yet.

Here's the link to the many photos I took today: Ozark Folk Center Crafts Village


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