Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tuesday, October 18th, Santa Rosa Campground, New Mexico


We drove another 500 miles today, and are camped at the Santa Rosa Campground in the center of northeastern New Mexico. I don't remember on previous trips realizing how high New Mexico is. We weren't below 5000 feet all day long, and actually hit 7,000 a couple of times. The mountain rock strata colors are amazingly beautiful. And now we know that the huge wind turbine blades we saw yesterday must be made somewhere east of us, as we saw at least 20 of them being carried on trucks coming at us as we drove east on Hwy 40. I'm going to be curious if this was just a one-day transport blitz of a completed job, or a steady stream to deliver wind power to the west.

A few minutes ago, Pat asked me where we stayed the night after we left San Diego and before last night. Working backward in our minds for a few minutes, including looking at the map and not recognizing any town name, we came to the realization (only by looking at the calendar on our computer) that we were only two days out of San Diego (not three). These have been long days where we only really saw roads, gas stations, and RV parks. I've chosen to only photograph the RV parks, and the rows of customized homes on wheels has been pretty overwhelming.
I'm going to include a link to some photos I forgot to post yesterday from a visit to the Spanish Village near Balboa Park in San Diego. We drove out there on Sunday and walked around some shops where we had once bought some New Mexican pottery.

Spanish Village, San Diego Zoo


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