Friday, October 28, 2011

Saturday, Oct 28th, Tybee Island, Georgia


We’re watching a Rick Steves’ visit to Tuscany after a great Airstream-cooked dinner of porkloin and rice (with a nice cabernet sauvignon). Pat’s Etruscan genes complemented Steves’ excellent presentation of the food and wine of her grandparents’ home county. I truly believe that the 3rd Century Tuscans left us with some of the finest examples of a civilization whose art, architecture, city planning, and agriculture reached the highest levels.

Teeing off at 9:44am with a couple from Tennessee, I shot pars and bogies at the Wilmington Island Golf Course, and completed the round in an astounding 3.5 hours. That’s partly because there were probably only 30 players on the course today, and because we didn’t stop for lunch. Pat spent the day doing the laundry, comparing notes on travels with two neighbor RV ladies, and reading. When I got home, we walked down to the beach and checked out the shore birds (photos included).

With the last night of the World Series beginning, and a large party going on outside the Airstream, I’ll conclude this. We’re headed to Charleston tomorrow, where we’ll probably spend 3-4 nights before heading up to Asheville, North Carolina. We’ve escaped the cold spell currently storming into New England. Our plan is to fold in behind it, and make a beeline across Hwy 70/80 over the top of Colorado into Utah and down to SF by the 15th.

Here’s a link to the rest of the photos I took today:Golfing and Beachcombing


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