Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursday, Oct 27th, Tybee Island, Georgia


Yesterday afternoon, we arrived at the Tybee Island RV Resort in Savannah, Georgia after an all-day drive from eastern Alabama. We set up the trailer, walked over to the beach, and had a seafood dinner at the North Beach Grill. We watched the sun go down over the Atlantic as a group of 4H kids assembled in the beach parking lot for a conservation corps-led night hike along the shore. They mentioned that they had spent part of the day cleaning the beach. I think I'm going to like Savannah.

Today, we slept late (9;30am), and then drove into the town from the Island. We decided that the best way to see Savannah is to take a historic tour. It's the kind you can get off anywhere along the 15 stops, and walk around until you want to get back on. We spent the rest of the day riding with hilarious tour guides, visiting old houses and museums, and enjoying the many parks and colonial streets. And we got to see the bench that Forrest Gump sat on in the movie!

I'm having problems uploading photos to the blog tonight, so I'm just including a link to the rest of the photos taken today. There are a few more good ones: Tybee Island

Tomorrow, I may be playing some golf at a local course. Pat is suggesting that she could take the day off and just read on the beach. We'll see if either happens.


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