Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday, Oct 19th, Oklahoma City


Well, it looks like the wind turbine blades have stopped rolling past us as we head east. Our guess is that they must be manufactured somewhere around Amarillo, Texas. There was a huge wind farm near there.

Our internet connection sucks tonight, and Pat is very frustrated not gaining access to a game she loves. Driving all day today, there are only memories of how absolutely flat Texas is. Passing through Amarillo, I had some flashbacks about enduring white glove inspections of our barracks while I was stationed at a training base there for six months in 1966.

The good news is that we have fairly good cable reception, and we'll spend part of the evening planning our entry into Arkansas tomorrow. One of the books we have from the Arkansas Department of Tourism describes a natural state golf course trail, and a Bill Clinton Tour. We'll probably stick to the gardens, historical sites, and the wineries/breweries.


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