Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday, Oct 22nd, Scott and Mountain View, Arkansas


How can it get any better than 1,000 year-old native american ruins and a folk music concert? Traveling to Scott, Arkansas, we visited the Toltec Mounds State Park. No, it wasn't built by the same 2nd century AD civilization which constructed mounds, large stone heads and circular time pieces along the Mexican eastern coast. But they thought it had been in the early 1800's when these mounds were discovered. So they name stuck, and the builders of these mounds (700AD to 1050AD) have had to struggle to find their own identity ever since. Thought to be ceremonial structures, their alignment also identifies solstice positions, and are positioned in precise distances from each other.

Heading north in the afternoon (after our fourth Subway sandwich lunch), we arrived in Mountain View just in time to settle in for an evening concert by The Big Smith, held in the Ozark Folk Center State Park auditorium. Hope to post a video slide show featuring blurry but vibrant photos of their performance with some of their music I recorded on my digital audio recorder.

Here is a link to the photos I took today of the Mounds: (Toltec Mounds), and the performance: (The Big Smith)

Here's the link to the video: The Big Smith at the Ozark Folk Center on Oct 22, 2011


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D MacPhail said...

Arkansas, lovely memories, but one stands out: a sign that pointed to the town of Toadsuck. Always wanted to go there just to see what it looked like, a town with that name. Happy Trails