Friday, May 26, 2017

Friday, May 26th, Zagreb, Croatia


Croatia looks like a big bow tie from space, with part of it along the coast (where we've been), and the other part parallel to it inland.  The capital of it (Zagreb) is inland, and that's where we went today.  But not before we checked out Opatija's coastal walkway before breakfast this morning.  It winds 12 miles along the waterfront, past hotels and restaurants, and has been the playground of Yugoslavia's beachside community.

Sania, our guide for Zagreb, was delightful.  Knowledgeable as usual, but her sense of humor and ease of english delivery made it fun to listen to her.  At each stop, she used our small group number to spend extra time revealing all she knew.  Did you now that ties originated in Croatia as safety scarves wives tied tightly around their husband soldiers as they went off to war during Napoleon's occupation, and then were picked up by the French army?  Or that Dalmatians seem to smile when they are happy?

Zagreb is actually three cities: the vast communist-built, industrial-looking housing high-rises surround it; the lower central city; and the older upper city.  We walked to the base of the upper city, and took the world's shortest funicular (60 meters - 55 seconds) to the top.   There we saw one of the remaining gates and tower, a lego-like church roof with smiling dalmatians, and lots more.

To see all of the photos taken today, click on Friday, May 26th, Zagreb, Croatia.

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