Sunday, May 28, 2017

Sunday, May 28th, Split, Croatia


Back on the way to the Croatian coast, we are finding plenty of Venetian and Roman ruins.  So close to the heart of these two great centers of land and sea power for more than two thousand years, it shouldn't be surprising to find a long trail of cities, fortresses, churches, amphitheaters and forums.  Enough to entertain this avid group of travelers for many hours a day, with great guides to lead the way.  

We walked through Zadar, the ancient capital of Byzantine Dalmatia.  It is a city 60% destroyed by allied bombings when occupied by the Germans in WWII.  We had lunch near the Roman Forum, the climbed the tower at the Church of St Donatus, and peeked inside the Cathedral of Anastasius.  Our guide, Lara, also helped us include the Archeological Museum - a prize for any visitor.

An unusual addition to the tour is the installation of wave-generated pipes under the seawall which provided us with a wonderful natural concert thanks to an very innovative artist in 2005.  Just down from it, a regional jet-ski competition was being held to choose yet another batch of crazy Adriatic Sea denizens.

Later that day, we drove to Trogir, and wandered through this island city, listening to musicians and dancers, and admiring the stone streets, walls, and stores. 

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