Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Tuesday, May 30th, Hvar, Croatia


Hvar deserves at least two days, and it was time anyway for laundry.  Which means a bathtub and a balcony in the sun.  That's not ours to the left,  because our hotel window doesn't such a good view.

If you come here, make it early in the season (April-May) or later in September or October.  Summer is crazy crowded, as all of Europe is headed here to party.

Our guide, Nicole, grew up here on Hvar, and explained that easy way to remember how to pronounce the island's name.  She said the island has four main resources: wine, olive oil, almonds, and tourists.  It has four schools, four thousand resident, is the fourth largest island in Croatia, and the way the locals pronounce the name of the island - it sounds like "four".

She took us to a monastery where the last remaining monk had used his artistic talents to paint a beautiful "Last Supper" painting and several bronze statues.    And took us into the church garden to see a Cypress tree which had grown in a miraculous manner.

Architecturally, Rome and Venice did it all. And this part of the Eastern Mediterranean didn't have much destroyed in WWII.  Now if the City can just avoid sacrificing their walls and building facades to the latest restaurant and bank needs....

To see the rest of the phtos taken today, click on Tuesday, May 30th, Hvar, Croatia

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