Monday, May 15, 2017

Monday, May 15th, Athens, Greece


A traveling day, we finally made it from Santorino to Athens by ferry. Tonight, at midnight, begins a 48-hour ferry strike.  We left early this morning on a 6-hour cruise aboard the Fast Ferry.  We arrived at 9:30pm, and went to dinner at God's Restaurant (one of our favorite places) near our Divani Palace Hotel.  Four of our friends stayed behind to take the 5:30pm ferry to Crete.  Two others are leaving tomorrow morning early on the Metro to the airport to fly home.  The rest of us are splitting up for the day tomorrow, and will meet back for one last dinner.

What a great group of travelers we have been.  All Americans, and all easy-going who wanted to make every minute count.  Good walkers, talkers, and listeners.  Led by the best guide, we felt safe and cared for.

I'm concluding this post with the shot I took looking back at the cliffs of Iao from the castle that Serra urged us to climb up upon.  The view, like this part of the trip, was amazing.

To see al of the photos taken today, click on Monday, May 15th, thens, Greece.

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