Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Tuesday, May 9th, Athens, Greece


True to form, we've lost a piece of equipment.  The photos for the last few days have been brought to you by Pat's Mini-IPad.  The connection ring on my Nikon camera's normal lens broke last weekend, and I've been using her Mini-IPad ever since.  The photos have been good, and it's been relatively easy to capture wide-angle shots.  But it's just not the same familiar tool.  Knowing we were headed back to Athens soon, it wasn't much of a problem.

But on the day when we found someone to repair it, our Mini-IPad seems to have gone missing between the arrival of our bus at the hotel and the room.  We've checked the bus, the lobby, our baggage and the room.  No luck.  My bad for being careless in watching over it.

The photos for today, as well as the photos for tomorrow (the Nikon is being fixed, and will be back with us tomorrow afternoon), will not be posted.  It's a text only couple of posts.  Maybe I'll become better at writing.  Let's see.

And tomorrow, we walk through the Parthenon.  What timing.  We're coming back to Athens after our voyages to the islands, so you may see the Acropolis yet.



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