Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Monday, May 1st, Western Crete


Three days is not enough to really see Crete.  Our formula this trip is to spend the first day adjusting to the flight over and to visit the Museum of Archeology, the second day (a local holiday where everything is closed and folks head for the beach) driving west as far as we can, and the third day driving east as far as we can.

Yesterday's drive reminded us of Sicily, with a lot more small villages.  Narrow winding, well-maintained roads filled with determined drivers.   We should have stopped more, and would have if we'd not been day-tripping.  But we love seeing countryside, and the life it supports.  Lunch at Cretan Corner and dinner presented great opportunities to sample more appetizers, entrees, desserts, and after-dinner spirits (Raki).  Olive oil is everywhere (as are the trees), and the local fruits are fresh and plentiful.

Tomorrow, we'll spend the early morning at Knossos, the prize ruin of Crete.  Afterward, we hope to get to a couple more ruins, and to the beaches in eastern Crete.

Not too many photos this day, but here's the link:  Monday,May 1st, Western Crete.

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