Thursday, May 11, 2017

Thursday, May 11th, Mykonos, Greece

Hearing we were taking the slow ferry (Blue Star) to Mykonos today conjured up a pokey little ferry that might have gotten the queezy a little sea sick.  When our bus from the hotel got us to the port, we saw an eight-story, quite elegant, powerful sea-liner.  A shopping center with better seats than most planes, restaurants with decent prices, kennels for pets, playrooms for over-active kids, and some of the fastest docking crew and equipment I’ve ever seen.
It still took four hours to sail to Mykonos, first stopping at two nearby smaller islands to deliver locals and mail. 
Met by the Petinos Hotel bus, we were driven to the hotel to put our bags away, we walked to Platya Vialos Beach restaurants to have lunch.
Later that afternoon, we all piled into the local bus with our dirty laundry in bags, and headed to town.  Walking from the main bus area, we wandered the whitened streets and houses (now mostly converted to shops), snapping photos of windmills, flowers, and churches.  
Dropping our laundry off for a two-hour turnaround, Serra escorted us on a short walking tour, including the history and charms of Mykonos, followed by free time in town and dinner at seven at the Sunset CafĂ© in Little Venice. 
Pasta and seafood themed to fare, and we all experienced yet another great meal.  Soon after the sun sank into the Mediterranean behind a four-masted schooner to the west of the island, an orange moon rose above the hills above our hotel as we returned home. 

To see all of the photos taken today, click on Thursday, May11th, Mykonos.

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