Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday, October 26th, Paris


We're on a train to Chartres, an hour away from Paris. Next time, I'm going to include at least one ride on the Bullet train. We saw it while driving, and it moved quickly across the farmlands. This train feels like a plane. The seats are comfy, and the ride is quiet. They could equip it with wifi, though.

Chartres was great. Every bit the showcase of stained glass antiquity and beauty. The town was also enjoyable, and we had a perfect lunch in a small bistro on the square. Pat's French onion soup was just what her throat cough needed.

We can't complain at all about the public transit system here in Paris. Trains, busses, subway, public bicycles -it all works so well.

Tomorrow is our last day. A bit sad to see it end, but I know a hot tub and bed that will be very appreciated.


To see the photos we took today, click on:
Monday, Oct 26th

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