Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday, October 4th, Sarlat


This photo is all there is today. We drove about 400 kilometers south to Sarlat in the Dordogne Region. This shot will be remembered by Pat as the one that "almost got her killed", as I ptulled the car over on a narrow curve to take it and almost got us hit by the car behind us. I prefer to think his honking was just letting me know he was there, as I jumped out of the driver's side door.

This country is such a fertile land. Everywhere we look, it is growing strong and varied crops and trees. For most of the past two millenium, it has fed the imperial expansions of the west's great civilizations. The German Huns, Celts, Romans, Normans, Moors, British; all invaded and fed their countrymen with its game, crops, and fish. Nowadays, the corn and apples and grapes keep plenty of industries alive.

Tomorrow, we see Lascaux Ii, a duplicate of cave containing 17,000 year old wall paintings which portray bison, deer, and other game. The artistic quality is unbelieveable. I don't think they allow cameras, but I'll download some images from the web if I can find them.

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