Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thursday, Oct 8th, Florac


You have got to see this Gorges du Tarn to believe it. The photos don't begin to capture the beauty of the color and textures in this place. We were turned back 80 miles into it, and Pat did a real masterful job of negotiating the turns in a cliff-climbing exit up an old mountain road to the Causes (Steppes), and then back down an equally scary set to return to the river valley to find our hotel here in Florac.

I'm so glad we decided to come this way. Jon and Vina' s hiking skills gain even more respect from us as we see the territory that Robert Louis Stevenson must have loved so much.

Pat and I are currently sitting in a small Internet cafe, where the only web access in this town seems to be. For the price of a Coke and coffee, we're catching up to the world, and waiting for the dinner time hour to arrive. It will, no doubt, be yet another adventure in menu translation and gastronomic delight. We're enjoying adding our support to each small town's end of season economy.

To see the photos we took today, click on:
Thurs, Oct 8th

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