Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday, October 24th, Paris


It’s Saturday afternoon at 5:30, and we’re back in the hotel room. We did the Rick Steeves’ Montmarte Walk (it’s the only one with a hill), and then finished up the remaining wings of the Louvre today. It's a Scavenger hunt for history. Pat’s getting a nap in before we go out for dinner, and I’d be doing the same if I wasn’t doing this. Today seemed harder, for some reason. It was raining, and was our first three-Metro line day. We’ve also got our sinous colds back, and are competing for most sneezes each day. This bed could be a bit softer too. While we’re getting enough sleep, I know it’s taking it’s toll on both of our backs.

The only things left are Versailles, Chartres, and the stuff that was closed (Carnavalet, Deportation Memorial). We’ll probably run out by Tuesday morning, and spend the day reading at a café. We’ve become the French.


To see the photos we took today, click on:
Saturday, Oct 24th

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