Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thursday, Oct 1st, Chinon


We've arrived in Chinon, the Royal capital of France in the early 1400's. Charles VII had hidden out during the height of the 100 years war between the British and the French. It took Joan of Arc to knock some sense into him, and inspire his fight to oust the British out of France. The troops and resources, as well as the spirit, came from right here. The statues and street names, as well as town lore, acknowledge that.

We'll ba using Chinon as a base to visit the surrounding area. There are many chateaus, museum, and restaurants where we hope to learn more a bout this culture. We began tonight with a delightful meal at a local place where we were the only patrons all day. The tourist season has ended, and the shops are beginning to close. There will always be some open, but this little one is probably on the cusp of staying open. Nevertheless, the braised duck in white beans, and coq au vin, which Pat and I had, were excellent. Salads, deserts, and local wine were equally high quality.

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Thursday, Oct 1st

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