Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday, October 6th


It's Tuesday, but.since I missed posting Monday's photos you get two days in one. We are still having a complete ball here. We've see even more castles, chateaus, and small river towns than we ever thought possible. The Garmin came back to life, so we're using it as a lifesaver when we're lost, and to try to avoid the toll roads. It still has the points of interest in Paris on it, so we'll see if it helps us appreciate that city even more.

Don't let anyone tell you the French are snobby or rude to foreigners. As far as we can tell, they are very generous, willing to help whenever we appear to need it, and are providing great services. My only complaint is that they creep out a bit too far into traffic at sidestreets.
Tomorrow ends our 3-day stay at Sarlat. We'll be driving to Albi, at the western edge of a large moutainous area on the way down to Provence. We've got 12 days left before we have to be in Paris. Our plan is to spend half of it in Provence, and then pick some small towns between there and Paris. We don't want any long driving days if we can avoid it. Unfortunately, it will result in many one-night hotel rooms. We'll try to alternate between seeing towns in mornings and afternoons. Unless you plan it right, it could end up with arriving and only seeing the tows at 4-7pms (everyone's closing up for family time).

Hope all is well with the ones we love back home. Almost half way through the trip.

Gregory and Pat

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Tuesday, October 6th

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