Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday, October 10th, Arles


Everett is the cute two-year old who had breakfast with us. His parents are on vacation from Germany, and are staying at the Belvedere. By the way, put the word out to the GLBT community, this should be added to the places to stay. It's a three-star at two-star prices.

We drove northeast to Les Baux, where Steeves' Guide described a hilltown with serious rebellion battles over a 300-year period beginning in the 1300's. Any French town that was ordered destroyed by Richelieu had to be investigated. It turned out to be every kid's dream rock fort. Perched high, with 800 ft cliffs, the castle remains were very impressive. Even more impressive was the views and smells of the farm fields stretching to the distant mountain escarpments. Such a sweet smell, with an earthy-rich body. I've never wanted more to try to capture a smell, as I did today. I could take that in forever.

We then walked down the hill a bit to a abandoned rock quarry where the Cathedral of Images was displaying Picasso's lifework on dozens of 100-ft high walls to classical music selections. I could not help spinning in the dark, wanting to see it all.

The Pont du Gard bridge was our last stop for the day. Second tallest structure in the Roman world, it provided the crucial segment. and carried nine million gallons of water, in a thirty mile aqeduct.


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Sat, Oct 10th

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