Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday, October 17th, Sens


A couple of weeks ago, right after Greta woke up and was helping us find our way out of difficult traffic conditions, I wished that we were trying to re-program her basic travel preferences to emphacize back roads and scenic highways. As you'll remember, she had a tendency to send us on larger, faster roads at the time.

Boy, did she change!! Admitedly, my wrong turn this morning sent us up into a large private vineyard (Pommer), but she made it much worse by twice recommending routes that took us on the narrowest, bumpiest, only to be used by tractor-type, roads to the top vineyard before we ignored her and found our way to the public road in the valley again. Be very careful what you wish for.

Our destination today was Sens, a small town in Northern Burgundy, closer to Paris, and near Fontainebleu - where we'll visit tomorrow. On the way, we stopped at a castle being built today with the same methods and tools as in the 15th Century. We had the bad fortune to arrive at the begining of the official two-hour French lunch break (not at all in the 15th century tradition).


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