Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday, October 18th, Sens


We read in one of the guidebooks that Fontainebleau would be a dissapointment if you've been to Versailles. Since we haven't, we took a chance that the cold, foggy day in Sens would be worth the long drive. After all, it was just a place where the Monarchy went hunting in the early years (14th & 15th centuries), and where Napolean chose to say goodbye.

Neither the weather, nor the place, disappointed. But I can understand how power can so shape art, architecture, and the course of nations. I can also understand how being surrounded by illustrations and evidence or great events and stories can lead someone to want to emulate them. Fontainebleau is almost too much to grasp, and certainly has me wondering how much more could possibly be at Versailles.


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Sunday, Oct 18th

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